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Gallery of paintings by the artist Mikael Simonyan

This section of the site represents paintings by the artist and designer Mikael Simonyan. In 1994 he graduated from the Terlemezyan State College of Fine Arts (Yerevan, Armenia), where studied design. In 2000 he graduated from the Moscow Stroganov Institute of Arts and Industry where he studied furniture and interior design. Since 1997 he is professionally engaged in furniture and interior design, and also creates paintings in different styles and genres. As an artist he was mostly influenced by classical Armenian artists Martiros Saryan and Minas Avetisyan who made a significant contribution to the development and popularization of Armenian art in the USSR.


For your convenience the paintings by Mikael Simonyan are divided into thematic subsections.

Still lifes.

Harmony of colors celebrates the harmony of flavors caressing the viewer’s eyes and provoking healthy appetite. These “juicy” still lifes will fit just perfect in any kitchen or dining room.


Landscapes, praising the harmony and beauty of Mother-nature, will give a sense of peace and mind tranquility, and surely will become "islands of contemplation" in the fancy living room or in the luxury bedroom.


Still lifes with beautiful bouquets will surely bring a touch of home comfort to any interior along with a sense of celebration, freshness and a gentle veil of romance.


Modern metropolises or quiet village courtyards? There everyone will find something appropriate for his (or her) taste. Architecture paintings will look gorgeous either at home or in the office.


Paintings with religious motifs based on Bible stories or with images of ancient churches will not only grant you aesthetic pleasure but also force to think about eternal spiritual values.

Abstract paintings

The primary objectives of abstractionism are to confront reality and transcend barriers. In addition these colorful avant-garde paintings can be used to create a charming and classy interior in any room.

If you’re willing to purchase your favorite work of art, just visit the “Contacts’ page and e-mail to the author.

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