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The main purpose of abstract paintings is not to imitate reality with photographic accuracy, but to encourage the flight of fancy, give free rein to imagination and evoke certain feelings and associations – its own for everyone. These bold and unusual cubist, impressionist and abstract works of art can become real highlights of modern interiors, designed in hi-tech, minimalism, constructivism and other contemporary styles. With proper selection of accessories, furniture and color schemes abstract paintings will also look terrific in bright colorful interiors with ethnic motives.


The contrasting and eccentric image of the bull shows readiness for new beginnings, for the achievement of new goals. Its focused gaze speaks of a charismatic and courageous character that will become the key to success. oil, canvas, 70x100, 2018 *


«Mysterious» Fascinating highlights of the picture attract the eye and make you linger there. Everyone watching can feel its depth and see the hidden meaning of life. Oil, canvas, 100x50. 2018


"Jomolungma" Buffalo is an image of supernatural, terrifying, but peaceful power. Silent and menacing looking beast inspires fear, awe and reverence for its limitless power. Vibrant and contrasting colours speak about the optimistic attitude of the animal and his disposition. Oil,canvas, 80x90, 2018


«The mad bull» The red bull is the symbol of durability, invincibility and vitality. Bright colours of the picture convey strong-willed character of animal, showing his resolve and unrestrained. Oil, canvas, 80x80, 2018


«The red bull» The royal and mighty bull will not stop at any obstacle. He is able to crush any barrier with his hooves and only the pillars of dust will be witnesses of a fierce battle. Oil painting on canvas, 80Х90, 2015

Michael Simonyan

A flower. This painting represents a gorgeous flower stretching upward its vase. Oil painting on canvas, 100Х50, 2014 *

Michael Simonyan

Old town. This bright sunny painting “babbling” over with saturated colors presents a hot summer noon in the old town. Oil painting on canvas, 50Х70, 2013 *

Michael Simonian

Prayer 3. This painting depicts a peasant praying for a plentiful harvest. Oil painting on canvas, 40Х80, 2012

Michael Simonyan

Faces. This painting represents male and female faces looking at each other, bright colors and abstract motives symbolize their feelings and thoughts. Oil painting on canvas, 39Х55, 2013 *

Michael Simonyan

A girl with a dog. This work of art represents a girl totally lost in her thoughts with the faithful dog by her side. Oil painting on canvas, 100Х50, 2014

Michael Simonian

Life. This allegorical painting represents joys and sorrows of everyday existence. Oil painting on canvas, 80Х60, 2014

Michael Simonyan

Megalopolis. This work of art presents the modern megalopolis bustling life with its busy traffic and gigantic skyscrapers. Oil painting on canvas, 60Х80, 2013 *

Michael Simonyan

In the mood. This painting made in warm colors represents stylized flowers and pomegranates fruits placed in front of the window overlooking the holy Mount Ararat. Oil painting on canvas, 80Х100, 2010

Michael Simonyan

Kond, the old quarter in Yerevan, Armenia. Kond is one of the oldest quarters of Yerevan with unique buildings; some of them remain since 9th century BC. Oil painting on canvas, 80Х30, 2011

Michael Simonyan

Lady. This allegorical painting represents a woman that herself symbolizes a map of fertile lands with lakes, rivers, forests and cultivated fields. Oil painting on canvas, 170Х75, 2013 *

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